List of Racial Terms, great stuff every racist needs to know

This Awful Racialism

Society is very intolerant of racists. The establishment want everybody to be equal. And when people have managed to sneak across the border you are basically suppose to be polite to these new friends and you need to agree with that.


As long as the economy is strong it is great to have a bunch people come flood across the border. It is great to have somebody to clean you toilet and everything when you are working at some fancy office job. But when the economy suddenly goes bad it is not so great with all these new friends when you are applying for that toilet cleaning job yourself. It is not so fun to compete with a bunch of people that belongs in another country for the toilet cleaning jobs when you need that job. And if you are lucky to have a job you have to pay for welfare for all of these new people that were previously able to pay for their existence in the toilet cleaning business.

This is where this page comes in. You will be able call people what you always wanted to, but did not know the proper terms. It is also very useful for people that have just come across the border and gets called something that they don’t understand. Then they can use this page to look it up.


Abbie / Abe / Abie — (In North America) a Jewish male. From the proper name Abraham. Originated before the 1950s.

Alligator bait— (U.S.) also “Gator Bait.” A black person, especially a black child. More commonly used in states where alligators are found, particularly Florida.

Alter kacker / alter kocker (Yiddish) / alter kucker / A.K. —(North America) a disparaging term for elderly Jewish people. The term is of Yiddish origin (literally meaning old shitter).

Anglo-pilferer—An Anglo-Celtic Australian, possibly of convict lineage. Based on the belief that all Anglo-Australians are descended from convicts.

Ape—(In the U.S.) a black person.

Asian nigger —An ethnic slur against Filipinos.

Aunt Jemima / Aunt Jane / Aunt Mary / Aunt Sally / Aunt Thomasina — (In the U.S.) a black woman who “kisses up” to whites, a “sellout,” female counterpart of Uncle Tom.


Banana— An Asian person living in a Western country who is “yellow on the outside, white on the inside.” Used primarily by Asians to indicate someone who has lost touch with his or her cultural identity.

Beaner— Are people of Mexican descent or, more specifically, mestizos of Central American descent. The term originates from the prevalence of frijoles pintos and other beans in Mexican food.

Bluegum— An offensive slur used by some United States white Southerners for an African-American perceived as being lazy and who refuses to work.

Boche; bosche; bosch — (In France; U.S.; UK) a German [shortened from the French term caboche dure ("hard head", or stubborn).

Boer — A South Africa farmer sometimes used as a derogatory term describing all white people.

Bog Irish — (Used in UK, Ireland) a person of common or low class Irish ancestry.

Bohunk— (In North America) a person of east-central European descent. Originally referred to those of Bohemian (now Czech Republic) descent.

Boong / bong / bung— Australian aboriginal. Related to the Australian English slang word bung, meaning "dead", "infected", "dysfunctional".

Boonga / boong / bunga / boonie — (New Zealand) a Pacific Islander [alteration of boong].

Bounty Bar— A Bounty chocolate bar, being composed of coconut coated with chocolate, someone who is white on the inside and brown on the outside.

Brownie— a person of mixed white and black ancestry.


Camel Jockey — people of Middle-Eastern descent.

Cheese-eating surrender monkey — A Frenchman, from the perceived proclivity of the French to surrender, and the huge variety of French cheeses available.

Ching Chong — Mocking the language of or a person of perceived Chinese or East Asian descent.

Chink/Chinky — used to refer to people of perceived Chinese descent, and by extension for other East Asians.

Cholo—(In Latin American Spanish, in USA) used in Latin America to refer to people of perceived Amerindian or Mestizo descent.

Chonky —refers to a person of Chinese heritage.

Christ killer — a jew.

Cunt-eyed — a person with slanted eyes.

Curry-muncher/Curry-slurper — person of East Indian origin.


Dune coon— Derogatory term used for Arabs.


Eight ball — a Negro.


Fritz — a German [from Friedrich (Frederick)].

Frog— A French person. They like to eat frogs.


Gin— in Australia, an Aboriginal woman.

Gin jockey— in Australia, a white person having casual sex with an Aboriginal woman.

Golliwog— A predominately UK expression which originally was a children’s literature character and type of black doll but which eventually became to be used as a jibe against people with dark skins, most commonly Afro-Caribbeans.

Gook-eye, Gooky, Gook — a derogatory term for Asians, used especially for enemy soldiers.

Goy, Goyim, Goyum— term used by Jews to described non-Jews.

Greaser, Greaseball— a person of Mexican-American descent but now usually refers to a person of Italian descent. Derived from their habit of putting lots of pomade in their hair. Later extended in the 1950s to include the typical rocker / hot-rodder / biker and his Ducktail haircut.

Gringo— a foreigner; especially used disparagingly against North Americans and North Europeans in Latin America.

Groid— derived from “negroid”.

Gub, Gubba — in Australia, Aboriginal pejorative term for white people.

Gweilo, gwailo, or kwai lo— (used in South of Mainland China and Hong Kong) A White man. Loosely translated as “foreign devil;”.

Guido— In the US, an Italian-American male. Comes from the common Italian name Guido.

Guinea, Ginzo— In the US, an Italian-American male. Either refers to the custom of Italian men to wear gold jewelry like rings, neck-chains, and earrings or because they were swarthy-skinned like the natives of Guinea.

Gypsy, Gyppo, gippo, gypo, gyppie, gyppy, gipp —A Roma person or Egyptians.


Hajji, Hadji, Haji — Iraqis or Arabs.

Half-breed — anyone who is mixed Native American (especially North American) and white European parentage.

Half Caste — anyone who is mixed race.

Heeb, Hebe— a Jewish person, derived from the word “Hebrew”.

Honky also spelled “honkey” or “honkie”— a white person.

House Nigger— affluent or highly-educated African-Americans.

Hun — Germans, especially German soldiers; popular during World War I.

House Nigger— affluent or highly-educated African-Americans.


Jungle bunny — a Black person.


Kraut (from Sauerkraut) — Derogatory U.S. and British term for a German, most specifically during World War II.


Niglet — a young black person.

Nigger / Niger / nig / nigor / nigra / nigre / nigar / niggor / niggur / nigga / niggah / niggar / nigguh / niggress — a person who’s ancestors was caught in Africa and came over on a boat.

Niglet — a young black person.


Oreo — somebody being black on the outside and white on the inside like the Oreo cookie.


Paki— South Asians, for example somebody from Pakistan.

Pancake Face, Pancake —somebody from Asia.

Porch monkey —a black person referring to perceived common behavior of groups hanging out on front porches or steps of urban apartment complexes.

Prairie nigger — a Native American.


Raghead — Arabs, Indian Sikhs and some other peoples, denigrating them for wearing traditional headdress such as turbans or keffiyehs.

Redneck — in the U.S, refers to Southern laborer-class whites.

Russki, Russkie — somebody Russian.


Sand nigger — Arabs.

Slope, slopehead, slopy, slopey — Asian.

Smoked Irish / smoked Irishman — 19th century term for Blacks (intended to insult both Blacks and Irish).

Sooty — a black person

Spade — a black person, from the playing cards suit.

Spic, spick, spik, spig, or spigotty — a person of Hispanic descent, or a person of actual or presumed Puerto Rican origin whether or not of Hispanic descent.

Swamp Nigger — Native Americans in North Carolina.


Tar baby — black baby.

Teapot — (British) A black person.

Teuchter — somebody from the north of Scotland or rural Scottish areas.

Touch of the tar brush — a person of predominantly Caucasian ancestry with real or suspected African or Asian distant ancestry.

Towel Head — Arabs.


Uncle Tom— an American black person who is perceived as behaving in a subservient manner to white authority figures.


Wetback— a Latino person. Originally applied specifically to Mexican migrant workers who had crossed the Rio Grande border river illegally to find work in the United States.

White Nigger / Wigger / Whigger / Wigga— Used in 19th-century United States to describe the Irish. Sometimes used today in reference to white people in a manner similar to white trash or redneck.

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