Gary Busey’s 5 Ways to Keeping Your Insantity Level High

Gary Busey
Gary Busey’s 5 Steps to Keeping Your Insanity Level High. Source: Jay Leno 2011.04.07.

  1. At lunch time go to your car. Put on some sunglasses and get a hair dryer. Point the hairdryer at cars coming by and see if they slows down.
  2. Singing out loud at the opera even if you don’t know the language. Eeeeyba ji ja jigii aai eeei…
  3. When you go to the restaurant. With a very passionate face order diet water.
  4. When you do a transaction at the ATM and it pays out the money. Scream out, I won!
  5. When you are at a pharmacy and you are buying condoms. Ask at the counter where the fitting room is.

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