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Funny text. Ohh my god, I have to read stuff now? No thanks. Most of the people that use this website can’t read so it is all the same.

Garey Busey’s 5 Ways to Keeping Your Insantity Level High – Insanity comes natural for him.

50 facts about women – women are crazy, but many of them are very hot.

Jakob Nielsen Drinking Game – if you are into web usability you may find this funny.

Racists Words – useful words you need to know when you are cruising around town with your racists friends.

Weed Words – you need to know all the words when smoking or people will think you are not hip and cool.

How to be stressed – live on the edge.

What was the Matrix about? – summary of the Matrix trilogy.

Email Auto Reply tips – try these auto replies to spice things up.

Stupid stuff to do – for example when you are bored.

Signs You are a Geek – and worthless nerd.

Doorm Room pranks – cheap fun.

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