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Dictators and wannabe dictators

Obama – Osama, no I mean Obama.

Kim Jong-il – great leader of North Korea.

Adolf Hitler – the prankster from WW2.

Sarah Palin – too hot for politics.

Bill Clinton – Insane politicians are nothing new, it was just as insane in the 90’s.

Hillary Clinton – Bill Clinton’s official wife, but he don’t really like her.

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York – fifth in the line of succession to the throne of the British empire.

Global domination and consolidation

Iran War – the problem is growing bigger.

Operation Iraqi Freedom – Total US domination on the Iraqi battlefield.

WTC and Osama – why did the US never find that guy?

Tax Hell – prepare to open your wallet to pay for big government.

Nazi Health Care – Soetoro’s big government health care.

Obama bowing down – the international servant.

Nazi Airport security – TSA loves you literally.

Crazy Celebrities

Donald Trump – the man with the hair and the money.

Britney Spears – something really scary about her.

Michael Jackson – I Love Little Boys!

Martha Stewart – making big money is easy with insider trading.

Things to do with your great body

Being gay is great – the new trend you should get in on.

Streaker – if you don’t laugh, you like it?

Sex – keep producing babies for the upcoming war.

Fat America – keep stuffing those McDonalds burgers down your throat.

Unibrows – only real men have two mustaches in their face.

Crap people believe in

Jesus – that funny guy from the Bible.

Swine Flu – why so afraid to die? Nobody lives forever.

Apple Inc. – new exciting products.

Santa and Xmas – Santa has something to do with Jesus’ birth. He was the father of Jesus or something.

Cute and brainless stuff

Animals – crazy animals.

Girls getting high – Boring girls hate fun girls.

Girls in military uniforms – the feminists have finally taken over the military.

Fat Cats – Cat people chase some mice and lose weight.

LolcatTeh Internets are a series of tubes transmittin LOLcats.

Dumb stuff – your brain is like a muscle, so it has to be exercised… so is your ass.

Om nom nom – stuff that looks like the cookie monster

Mayhem, destruction, and things that crash and fail

Guns – guns are awesome. Get some! Yeah! Get some! Get some!

Cars – please don’t let your woman drive.

Epic Fail – Stuff that fails.

The Microsoft Corporation – Bill Gates is not so funny, more creepy.

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