Doorm Room pranks

Pranks you can play with your room mate to spice up the mood.

  • Peanut Butter Shoes – Smear some peanut butter on the bottom of your shoes. Be careful not to walk on carpet though. When you sit down, cross your legs and angle your feet up so others can notice the peanut butter. Only they won’t think its peanut butter!
  • Boiled Eggs – Boil some eggs and begin eating them. Then ask your roommate if he wants one. If he says yes, then give him an unboiled egg. Then watch as he begins to crack it open.
  • Ash Face – Dip your middle finger in water, then dip it in an ash tray. Point to your victim’s face with your point finger and tuck your middle finger inside your palm. To hide it. Then tell your victim he or she has something on their face. Then tell em you got it, proceed to rub it off…but use your middle finger…make sure you smear the ashes across their cheek really good!
  • Frozen Block Of Clothes – take a bundle of your victim’s clothing and place it in a bucket of water. Then put that bucket of water and clothes in the freezer. In a few hours take out the block of clothes ice and give it to him or her.
  • Nasty Vitamin Smell -Tape a small vitamin to a light bulb that is hidden by the lamp shade. Every time your victim turns on the light there will be a horrible order in the air because of the heat from the light burning the vitamin. He or she will also have a very difficult time figuring out where the oder is coming from.
  • Burn CDs Prank -If your roommate has a stack of burned cd’s, then hide those cd’s. Then replace those cd’s with some that you burned where the songs are completely different. Make sure to forge his writing with the same titles on the new writable cd’s. He will then pop in his U2 cd and wonder why the heck Snoop Dogg is playing.
  • Pink Nail Polish – While your male roommate is asleep put some pink nail polish on his finger nails.
  • Honk If You Are Gay! – Place a ”Honk If U Are Gay” bumper sticker on your roommate’s car.
  • Strange Panties In Bed – Whenever you know that your roommate’s girlfriend is coming over… Plant some strange looking female panties in his bed for her to find.
  • Hide The Dump – Take a dump into a small cup and place it in the most hard-to-find/get-at place in someone’s room. They’ll tear their room apart looking for the smell.

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