About Tubegator.com

Tubegator started off in 2000 as sort of a test page to learn how to make webpages on this new thing called the Internet.

The Tubegator name was just some imaginary word thought up. A gator is some sort of crocodile, so a Tubegator is probably a crocodile that watch a lot of TV and movies. And this was long before Youtube ever existed, so it did not have anything to do with Youtube. However now there is a lot of Youtube content on the page, so it was probably meant to be.

So instead of trying to make a serious page a humor page seemed to be more useful.

There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world so it should not be too difficult to put together some of the madness happening.

One of the important things in running a website is to put some energy into keeping it fresh. That is a bit of a challenge to keep it up to date when it is not a viable day to day job and other things require attention.

The content of this page was created: 2009-07-10 and last modified: 2009-07-18.

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